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It’s easy to buy mini hockey sticks. You’ll find plenty of online e-stores and local sports stores that sell generic and hockey branded mini hockey sticks. I’m sure you’ve already found several places, but maybe you’re looking for personalized mini hockey sticks. Mini sticks that are graphically customized to include a unique team design centered around your team logo. Prominently displayed in the design are your team name, team colors, and individual player names and numbers. We’re talking about mini hockey sticks that are special to young hockey players and enthusiasts.


Where To Buy Mini Hockey Sticks – Well Look No Further!

where to buy mini hockey sticks

Custom Hockey Design offers 29-inch length composite mini hockey sticks that are completely personalized for your team. We don’t print directly on the stick, Each stick is individually wrapped with your team design on high gloss vinyl material and laminated for playing durability. The result is beautifully designed mini hockey sticks that are personalized for each player on your team.

Here’s the Deal

All you have to do is prepare your roster for first and last names of the players on your team including their jersey numbers. Send us the roster along with your team’s logo and we’ll create a design that will impress not only the players, but coaches, hockey moms, parents, and grandparents.

Buy Mini Hockey Stick Gifts that Kids will be Excited About

We often get feedback from our clients telling us how thrilled their players were to receive their personalized hockey gifts. Kids can get so excited at year-end hockey parties that you can feed them spinach instead of cake and they still won’t complain. They’ll all be happy as long as they have their team designed mini sticks to admire and show off to each other.

Here’s What One Hockey Mom Had To Say

“We had our hockey banquet yesterday and our kids (Lasalle Sabres) were given their sticks, they LOVED them!! I am very impressed with the quality and design.”

Head over to our mini hockey sticks specifications and pricing page and see what you’ll get for the same price or less than generic mini hockey sticks you’ll buy at a sports store.


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