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Kids lacrosse sticks are smaller versions of full-size lacrosse sticks. They are also referred to as mini lacrosse sticks or mini lax sticks. You can purchase mini lacrosse sticks that are cheap plastic, but they break very easily. These sticks feature a plastic shaft and a plastic netting which makes catching difficult. As a result, learning the sport of lacrosse is more difficult with lesser results.

There are, however, mini lacrosse sticks that are a little more expensive, but well worth the money. These sticks feature an aluminum shaft and soft nylon netting for easy throwing and catching. Good quality mini lacrosse sticks have the same feel as full-size lacrosse sticks but in a smaller version.

Kids Lacrosse Sticks

Advantages of Kids Lacrosse Sticks for Young Kids

The advantage of buying a good quality mini lacrosse stick is, among other things, lighter in weight and smaller in length. These smaller features accommodate a young child’s smaller physical stature. This makes it easier for a small child to learn the basics of the game. It also prevents the child from losing interest in the game compared to playing on a full-size lacrosse stick that is too big for him or her.

Kids lacrosse sticks come with a light soft ball rather than the hard heavier lacrosse ball that is used in competitive lacrosse. This allows children, who are not as coordinated as older children, to practice without getting hurt. Using a soft ball, which is the same size but lighter than a regular lacrosse ball, is also ideal for kids to play in the basement of one’s home on rainy days, or play outside in the backyard or beach. Young children can also bring mini lacrosse sticks to school and play during recess without dangering other children who are playing in the same play area.

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