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Yes, mini hockey also known as knee hockey has been popular for some time and it is becoming more popular with the increase of kids playing ice hockey. A few decades ago professional hockey wasn’t very popular in many states in America. Now, pro hockey is everywhere and as a result, boys and girls are taking a greater interest in organized hockey.

mini hockey

With this popularity, knee hockey has become a bi-product so to speak. When kids aren’t on the ice, they can play mini hockey with their teammates and friends. They can play in the basement of their home on rainy days, in the backyard on a warm summer day, and they can even play at school during recess – as long as they’re not playing in class.

With the increase in popularity in playing knee hockey, the manufacturing industry for mini hockey products has increased. In addition to mini sticks, consumers are now able to purchase mini hockey nets as well as complete mini rinks. These rinks are small enough to assemble in one’s basement where kids can play to their heart’s content. Hey, it’s a lot better than the kids sitting in front of the TV for hours or playing video games day and night.

Mini Hockey is a Good Source of Exercise

Mini hockey is also a reasonably good source of exercise for kids. They can get a pretty good work out just playing on their knees for an hour or so.

So bring on knee hockey and let the fun begin. I know dad will want to play and maybe even mom, and little sister or brother or is that going too far.


John Chartrand

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