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At Custom Hockey Design, we offer personalized mini lacrosse sticks designed with your team name, team colors, team logo, and individual player names and numbers.

The entire aluminum shaft of the stick is wrapped with a high gloss vinyl and laminated for playing durability. Quality is exceptional with a strong aluminum shaft and a soft nylon mesh head for easy catching and throwing. The result is a stunning appearance with your personalized team design.

Mini Lacrosse Sticks Make Exciting Gifts for Young Lacrosse Players

Personalized mini lacrosse sticks make the perfect gift for your young lacrosse players. Rather than a plaque, give the kids something they can play with and enjoy. They will play with them at school during recess, in the backyard, or in the basement on rainy days. Each stick includes a soft ball for safe play inside or out. Kids will love them and so will you!

Our mini lacrosse sticks can provide a fun activity for the whole family where parents, guardians, and siblings can play regardless of age. Our sticks are light yet strong and can be handled with ease by most children. Furthermore, teams can use them for practice in situations or environments where regular lacrosse stick play is inappropriate.

31 inch Mini Lacrosse Sticks with Aluminum Shaft and Soft Nylon Head

  • Our mini lacrosse sticks are 31 inches in length (78.4 cm) from butt end to end of the head.
  • The shaft is made of aluminum and the head is laced with soft nylon for easy catching.
  • Includes soft rubber mini lacrosse ball with each stick.
  • Each stick is uniquely designed for your team with team name, colours, logo, and individual player names and numbers.

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Price $28 each

There is a one time design fee of $40 for team order. You will receive a pdf design proof by email for your approval before printing. This fee covers our cost for a one hour design by one of our talented graphic designers.


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