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Mini lacrosse sticks are often referred to as mini lax sticks. This post provides a couple of suggestions as to why the different names mean the same thing. The definition of lax according to the online Cambridge Dictionary is ‘lacking care’, ‘lacking control’. So why would mini lax sticks be associated with not caring? At first, I personally thought that it was due to earlier days when lacrosse sticks may have been designed as a leisurely game to pass the time at a picnic on a Sunday afternoon. But looking into its history, I realize I was totally wrong. It was completely the opposite.

Lacrosse was originally played by Native American Indians. No one knows when the Native Indians first started playing the game but it was first witnessed by French Jesuit missionaries around 1630. They called the game Lacrosse presumably by the appearance of the large spoon like curved wooden sticks used by the Indians to play the game. The French word ‘la’ meaning ‘the’ and the word ‘crosse’ meaning stick.

mini lax sticks

Lacrosse was Witnessed as a Violent Game.

The French Jesuits were initially appalled by the game because the game was so violent. Subsequently, it was viewed as playing without care for anyone or anything, total abandonment or concern for the opposing players. One can only imagine the game played by the Indians so long ago. No fixed rules, considered cowardly to pass the then wooden ball or dodge the opponents in an attempt to shoot on goal. Players would crash into each other and intentionally or unintentionally hit one another with their large wooden sticks. And to make matters worse, Indian players did not have protective equipment. They would have played as warriors with only painted half-naked bodies against opposing tribes.

Could this be the reason why the term ‘lax’ was used to associate the game of lacrosse? If it was, it wasn’t used during the time the French Jesuits first witnessed the game because the word ‘lax’ is not of French origin. The word is of English origin. So the word ‘lax’ would not have been coined during that time but at a later date, perhaps when it was introduced in Europe.

Although the Europeans drastically changed the sport in regards to equipment and rules, the sport would have been witnessed by spectators as a violent type of sport.

Are Mini Lax Sticks Simply a Short Version of Mini Lacrosse Sticks

A more probable possibility, however, is the word, ‘lax’ is a shortened version of the word, ‘lacrosse’. The same as the word, ‘Xmas’ is a shortened version of the word, ‘Christmas’.

No one knows for sure. But we now use and associate mini lax sticks as a leisurely game played by kids and kids at heart in leisurely environments such as beaches, school playgrounds, and backyards of homes. So however you want to interpret why lacrosse is referred to as lax is up to you. If you have any suggestions, I would welcome them in the comment section below.

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