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Tape Replacement for Hockey Stick Blades With Personalized Team Graphics.

Blade Guard is a tape replacement for hockey stick blades. It’s made of durable textured vinyl that’s easy to apply, just peel and stick. Each tape replacement is printed with your team’s name, logo, colours, and individual player names and numbers.

More durable than regular hockey tape, your players will feel better puck handling and it may even improve their stick handling skills. Our tape replacement is sure to attract attention off the ice as well. Players just won’t want regular hockey stick tape anymore, they will want personalized hockey tape.

Advantages of Blade Guard Over Hockey Stick Tape:

  • Protects the blade of hockey sticks better than hockey tape.
  • Is easier to apply. Simply peel to remove the adhesive backing and stick to both front and back of the hockey stick blade.
  • It’s more durable than tape so it lasts longer.
  • It provides better puck control.
  • Ice shavings slide off easier with just one wipe.
  • Is personalized with your team name, team colours, team logo, and individual player name and number.

Blade Guard comes with a pair of blade protectors for application to both front and back of the blade.
No adhesives or tools are required.

The cost is $19 for one pair of Blade Guards. No design setup fee with a minimum of 10 pairs of Blade Guards.

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