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Are composite mini hockey sticks really composite? Composite simply means that there is more than one type of material used to manufacture the mini hockey stick. Some brand name mini hockey sticks are composed of fiberglass and carbon material. Consequently, this classifies them as a composite.

Manufacturing Materials

Fiberglass makes these sticks durable and flexible. The carbon fiber makes the sticks lighter and even stronger. Other brands are manufactured using 100% fiberglass. Fiberglass is composed of glass fibers and resins. As a result, fiberglass mini hockey sticks are considered composite as well. Fiberglass sticks are more flexible but are slightly heavier in weight. Both these type of sticks are composite because they are made with more than one type of material as opposed to the manufacture of plastic sticks.


Comparing Composite Mini Hockey Sticks to Full-Size Composite Hockey Sticks

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Mini hockey sticks that are made with combinations of fiberglass and carbon are slightly lighter than mini sticks made from fiberglass alone. The difference in weight between the two sticks, however, are insignificant when comparing the two side by side. The difference does become noticeable when comparing full-size hockey sticks. And that’s why full-size hockey sticks comprised of fiberglass, carbon and even kevlar are the popular choice for competitive as well as recreational hockey players.

In conclusion, composite mini hockey sticks are manufactured with more than one type of material. These composite materials give the mini hockey stick greater durability and a better feel than plastic mini hockey sticks.

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