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Custom hockey design supplies custom knee hockey sticks to minor and youth hockey teams. Our customization involves personalizing each of our quality Mini Hockey Sticks with your team name, team logo, team colors and individual player names and numbers.

These sticks make fantastic end of year gifts for the kids. Kids will enjoy playing knee hockey with their friends and teammates when they’re not on the ice.

Custom knee hockey sticks or mini hockey sticks are played with a soft rubber ball indoors or outdoors. The game can be played in the basement on a rainy day or even at school during recess. The game doesn’t take much room to play since it is played on one’s knee rather than in a standing position. Knee hockey sticks are short compared to regular hockey sticks and as a result, smaller kids will find them easier to play with.

Custom Knee Hockey Sticks

Custom Knee Hockey Sticks

There are many ways to customize knee hockey sticks, You can reshape the blade and make the curve more extreme or less extreme. At Custom Hockey Design, we customize our knee hockey sticks by creating a design that matches the players’ team colors and logo. We customize the design to match the design of your team rather than alter the physical appearance of the stick. This personalization also includes individual player names and numbers on each stick.

Introduce Your Child to Hockey at an Early Age

Custom knee hockey sticks are also a great way to introduce hockey to toddlers who are too small for a regular youth or junior stick. It’s never too early to start teaching a child about hockey or any other sport for that matter. Muscle coordination starts at a very early stage in life.

You can cut a regular stick down to size, but a knee hockey stick may be the perfect size for your toddler. And they don’t have to get on their knees to play.



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