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Planning an end of season hockey or lacrosse party for the kids? With all the fun and games, you’re sure to include hockey gifts or lacrosse gifts for the kids. But what makes an ideal gift?

Considerations for Buying Hockey Gifts or Lacrosse Gifts

The first to consider is cost. You’ll be looking for something else if the price is beyond your budget. However, if your budget is too low you may be looking at purchasing cheap gifts. Cheap meaning low quality. Poor quality trophies or plaques are no prizes for kids. Neither are poor quality toys that kids can easily break. Consequently, it’s a good idea to have gifts in mind at the beginning of the season and prepare your budget for the cost of those gifts.

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How Appealing is the Gift to the Player?

Secondly, consider the appeal. How appealing will the gifts be to the kids whom you’re giving them too? Will they have high appeal? You’ll know by the look on their faces when they receive them. The expression on their faces will also be a dead giveaway if the gifts have zero or very little appeal.

What Value Does the Gift Have for the Player?

Thirdly, consider the value. Will the gifts retain value well after they’ve been presented, or will the kids lose interest very quickly? Value pertains to the ratio between quality and the purchase price. Value also pertains to how much pleasure the gift will provide both the giver and receiver. If the child loses interest quickly then there is not much value attached to the gift.

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Is the Gift High Quality?

Having the budget set aside for high-quality gifts that have exciting appeal and value will be the wisest choice for parents and coaches who present them. Anything with a low appeal, value, and quality will probably be just a waste of money and a big disappointment for the young hockey and lacrosse players receiving them.

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