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29 inch Mini Hockey Sticks Personalized With Your Team Design for Each Player

Mini hockey sticks, also known as knee hockey sticks, are the rage of kids throughout Canada and the United States. That’s because these sticks, especially custom designed personalized composite mini hockey sticks, make fun and exciting year-end gifts for boys and girls to not only add to their collection but also play knee hockey with their friends.

You can’t play with trophies or plaques, but personalized mini sticks can be enjoyed year round. Kids bring them to school to play at recess; they play knee hockey with their friends on rainy days in the basement, hopefully not the living room; they treasure and collect mini hockey sticks and even show them off on Youtube!

Composite Mini Hockey Sticks With A Unique Creative Design

At Custom Hockey Design, we personalize our composite hockey mini sticks with a unique design that includes your team name, team logo, team colours, and individual player names and numbers.

We do not print directly on the hockey stick itself, rather we print on high resolution durable vinyl and laminated for playing durability. We then wrap on the full length of the shaft  of the stick for a stunning appearance.
Printing on a high gloss vinyl as opposed to printing on the stick itself provides personalized graphics that are dazzling, colours are vibrant, and images such as logos are photo quality.

Custom Mini Hockey Sticks to Show Off With

Our custom knee hockey sticks are 29 inches in length (73.7 cm) from butt end to tip of blade. They are 2 inches (5 cm) longer than conventional mini hockey sticks and 1 cm (.4 inches) thicker in the shaft for greater playing durability.

The shaft and blade is made of 100% durable lightweight fiberglass weighing less than half a pound (181 grams) with durable material end piece with cut hole for mounting.

Combine a durable play mini hockey stick with an awesome unique team design, and your young hockey player will have a gift he or she will treasure for life.

Your Star Mini Stick Hockey Player is Waiting

Your son or daughter can always be the star of the game with our personalized custom sticks. No ice required, no special expensive equipment required, just a kid or two or more and the fun starts. They will want to show them off to their friends at home and at school.


Each personalized hockey mini stick is $28.
There is a one time design fee of $40 for each order regardless of the number of pieces ordered. You will receive a pdf design proof by email for your approval before printing.

For More Information, please call Toll Free: 1-877-394-6597 or Contact Us by email.

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