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Personalized Mini Hockey Sticks, Mini Lacrosse Sticks, and Composite Hockey Sticks

Looking for fantastic hockey and lacrosse gifts for your team! At Custom Hockey Design we offer personalized 29 inch composite mini hockey sticks, 31 inch mini lacrosse sticks, and full size hockey sticks with your team name, team colours, team logo, and individual player names and numbers. Tell us how you want your design to look and we’ll provide you with the best personalized mini hockey and lacrosse sticks money can buy - anywhere.

Our personalized sticks make ideal year-end gifts for your boy's or girl's hockey or lacrosse team.

Hockey and lacrosse moms and coaches will love these mini sticks as year-end gifts for their young players. Only look at some of the testimonials on the right side of this page to see how much the kids love them.

These are gifts that kids will treasure for years to come. They are made of high strength composite materials that will last a long time under normal playing conditions.

Trophies and plaques are great, if the quality is good, but that could be very expensive. They end up sitting on a dresser collecting dust, or thrown in a box and moved to the back of the closet. They are stationary objects that kids can't play with.

Mini hockey and lacrosse sticks are not only personalized team gifts that kids can display and collect, but also toys that kids can play with in the basement, in the backyard, and even at school recess, as long as they're not playing with them in class that is!

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In addition, we offer team logo and number decals for personalizing player helmets. If equipment and jerseys were ice cream, team logo and player number on the helmet would be the cherry on top.
We also offer 'Blade Guard', a hockey stick tape replacement that's made with durable textured vinyl for great puck control and printed with your team name, team colours, and individual player names and numbers for that personalized look on the ice.


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