About Us

Well hello there! We're thrilled to have you drop by our virtual hangout, where we're all about creating unforgettable memories for your young athletes.

As a Minnesota native who spent their childhood on the ice and fields, we're here to spread the joy and magic of sportsmanship to the next generation.

Picture this: it's a crisp winter morning in Minnesota, the snow glistening on the ground, and the sound of skates carving through the ice fills the air. That's where our story begins. We grew up in this land of hockey legends, where the love for the game is as natural as breathing. Those memories of late-night practices, locker room laughs, and heart-pounding victories shaped us into the sports enthusiasts we are today.

Now, fast forward to the present day. We found ourselves pondering how we could share that same exhilarating experience with young athletes and their parents. We wanted to build something special, something that could create a positive impact and lasting memories.

And that's how our journey began, fueled by nostalgia and a deep desire to make a difference. We set out to craft customized mini hockey sticks and other sports sticks that are as unique as the young athletes who wield them. These aren't just sticks; they're catalysts for dreams, confidence, and camaraderie.

As parents ourselves, we understand the joy and pride that comes from watching your little ones light up with passion on the ice or field. We've been there, cheering from the sidelines, wearing goofy hats in freezing temperatures, and sometimes even embarrassing our kids with our over-enthusiasm. But hey, what's parenting without a little embarrassment, right?

Our mission is simple: to bring a touch of magic into your young athlete's life. Each stick we create is a work of art, personalized with love and care. We want to be a part of your child's journey, whether they're playing their first game, scoring their first goal, or simply learning the ropes of teamwork and resilience.

But it's not just about the sticks. We're here to offer you a community of like-minded parents who understand the triumphs and challenges of raising a young athlete. We're here to share stories, tips, and laughter, because parenting sports-loving kids can be both a wild ride and a heartwarming adventure.

So, welcome to our little corner of the internet. We're excited to have you join us on this incredible journey of creating positive and lasting memories for your young athletes. Together, let's cheer, celebrate, and inspire the next generation of sports superstars.

Owner, Custom Mini Stick Design