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It’s approaching the end of the season for lacrosse. The kids had fun and played their hearts out all season. They may have made the playoffs or maybe not. Does it really matter? Perhaps it does, but the important thing is that the kids had fun. They tried their best and consequently, that’s what they should be rewarded for at your season-end party. So now you’re thinking about buying personalized lacrosse gifts for your entire team.

The Ideal Personalized Lacrosse Gifts for Your Players

You’ve talked it over with other parents and personalized lacrosse gifts would be ideal for each player regardless of how many goals they scored. You may have thought about plaques and trophies, but you want to give something a little more practical. Also, something that’s personalized for every individual player on the team.

Well, there are many personalized lacrosse gifts to choose from, such as apparel and accessories. They’re great gift ideas, but not exciting gifts for young players. Kids want something they can play with. Let’s face it, kids love to play and they need to play often for their physical, mental, and psychological development.

personalized lacrosse gifts


Introducing Personalized Mini Lacrosse Sticks

Personalized mini lacrosse sticks designed with the player’s team name, the team logo, team colors and individual player names and numbers make exciting personalized lacrosse gifts. Kids love them! They can play with them outside or inside with the soft lacrosse ball that comes with each stick.

Head on over to Custom Hockey Design’s 31-inch Personalized Mini Lacrosse Sticks . Each stick is made of durable and lightweight aluminum shaft and real nylon netting for easy catching. Your team design is printed on high gloss vinyl material and laminated for playing durability. The result is a mini lacrosse stick that not only looks very impressive and individualized for each player, but one that can be enjoyed when playing with friends, teammates, and parents – maybe even younger brother or sister.

Teaching Young Children to Play Lacrosse

What better way is it for very young kids to Learn to play lacrosse with a shorter, lighter version of a full-size lacrosse stick.


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